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faviconhomepageOpenSource.Apple.comLearn & Gain report
descriptionA collection of useful documents about open source from Apple Developer. ID OutUplike
keywordsApple open source reference library Apple developer 388200favorite

faviconhomepageOpenHub.netLearn & Gain report
descriptionBlack Duck Open Hub is a website which provides a web services suite and online community platform that aims to index the open-source software development community. As of 15 January 2016, it has listed 669,601 open-source projects, 681,345 source control ID OutUplike
keywordsopen source source code source control open-source project development community 383350favorite

faviconhomepageUnityList.comDownloads report
descriptionUnityList is an open source search engine for Unity. Here you can search, explore and discover thousands of open source Unity assets with ease. ID OutUplike
keywordsUnity open source search engine Unity asset Unity project source code 378120favorite

faviconhomepageFossHub.comDownloads report
descriptionFossHub is a website and also a platform (for developers and projects) where people can download for free many popular free and *clean* software titles. ID OutUplike
keywordsopen source freeware download software download 340741favorite

faviconhomepageOSAlt.comDownloads report
descriptionIt helps find a open source software alternative or replacement for commercial products and even shareware. ID OutUplike
keywordsopen source alternative freeware replacement recommend 3285232favorite

faviconhomepageOSDir.comLinux Related report
descriptionOpen Source, Linux News & Software ID OutUplike
keywordsos linux open source news freeware 31061513favorite

faviconhomepageLinuxInsider.comLinux Related report
descriptionLinux News & Information from Around the World ID OutUplike
keywordslinux news info open source 294700favorite