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YaWego! History Page

Version History
Year Version Domain Status
2015 2015.08.28 beta yawego.com rebirth
2014 2.0 yawego.com stop
2013 1.4 yawego.com slow
2012 1.0 yawego.com active
2011 0.9 en.gnrsu.com natal
Development Timeline


  • 08.312015

    Finally, YaWego! came back again, just as what I promised on YaWego's homepage!
  • ......2015

    Much basic test, revision and modification
  • 04.042015

    I just recorded the first log_line of YaWego!'s new site, although without one line of code written!


  • ......2014

    But the problem was, I didn't know any programming language then, so started with choosing one...
  • 08.112014

    At last, I was sure to start to develop my own complete set of website - decide to write its everyline
  • ......2014

    Later, I was trying to search, figure out and test a more appropriate site template


  • ......2013

    Due to many unstable factors in my work, this year, YaWego! was almost dormant!


  • 07.132012

    it had a new domain and began to quickly update once more
  • ......2012

    en.Gnrsu.com remained steady and small number of updates


  • 07.102011

    Be with Gnrsu.com, it was affected by the Google's Panda algorithm, but that was not its fault
  • .......2011

    en.Gnrsu.com started to update in a rapid and steady speed
  • 05.012011

    The predecessor of YaWego! was born as en.Gnrsu.com
  • 00.000000

    In fact, YaWego!'s preparation and conception period can be traced back to 2009!