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Here collects the most valuable webistes on the whole Internet.

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faviconhomepageCode.orgLearn & Gain report
descriptionEvery student in every school deserves the opportunity to study computer science. ID OutUplike
keywordslearn coding computer science non-profit free course free lesson 3194261favorite

faviconhomepageTuxFamily.orgFree Space report
descriptionFree hosting for free people ID OutUplike
keywordsprogect hosting non-profit freeware promote 277820favorite

faviconhomepageFreeRice.comWorld & Life report
descriptionPlay online, learn online and feed the hungry ID OutUplike
keywordslearn feed rice hungry answer raise help food non-profit 273810favorite

faviconhomepageGetMiro.comOnline Tool report
descriptionAmazing open-source, non-profit music and video player ID OutUplike
keywordsopen source video player music non-profit 210810favorite

faviconhomepageWi-Fi.orgIT Express report
descriptionWi-Fi CERTIFIED makes it Wi-Fi ID OutUplike
keywordswi-fi alliance non-profit organization global 199900favorite

faviconhomepageFreeCodeCamp.orgLearn & Gain report
descriptionLearn to code at home. Build projects. Earn certifications. Since 2014, more than 40,000 freeCodeCamp.org graduates have gotten jobs at tech companies including: Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify... ID OutUplike
keywordslearn coding free tutorial free course coding lesson non-profit interactive learning 4110favorite